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.45 ACP Mixed headstamp once-fired and processed. (Large Primer)

Cleaned, Deprimed, Swaged, Pressure Checked, Full Length Sized, Polished


Ready to load.



.45 ACP - Processed - (750 ct)

SKU: 45Processed
  • We use a custom process to ensure that the casings you are ordering are as close to new as possible.

    All brass is cleaned, deprimed, swaged, pressure checked, full length sized, polished and is ready to load.

  • Our brass is collected from ranges across the country.  Although we check each and every casing there is always the possibility that a faulty case will make it through our checks.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect each case prior to loading.  Northwest Iowa Brass, LLC is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting in the use of our product.